Samstag, 12. Mai 2007

Cheap Tricks - Crusade Nr. 8

Michelle Ward dare us to show our cheap triks to make art. My cheap tricks are the stamps I make by myself. The stamps are on foam, rubber, linoleum and rubber cement (there is a special technique to make rubber stamps from rubber cement, I'll show it on a other day). I think the greatest pleasure is to make the stamps, not to use them. Here are pictures from my stamps and some journal pages with that stamps and my cut outs from newspapers and magazines.

I love to use too the inexpensive paper from newspaper also to print with my printer. This paper has a great texture, very smoth and the color is ok, because it is not so white. It is a little old.

Like many other peoples I love to buy cheap little things, such as buttons, silk flowers and jewelry parts to embelish the collages and assemblages.

7 Kommentare:

Gillian hat gesagt…

Oh is there no end to your talent... You make your own stamps too... Oh you are so Clever! these look AMAZING!

Penny Rabbit hat gesagt…

Love your stamps! You are such a great artist! I could not even begin to create something that someone would recognize, let alone love. I absolutely LOVE your double rings stamps....very cool!

x hat gesagt…

Oh great to make your stamps on your own, so they are always very unique. ;)

x hat gesagt…

Oh great to make your stamps on your own, so they are always very unique. ;)

prob21 hat gesagt…

adorei s seus carimbos....que talento o seu pra utilizar materiais tao variados na construcao deles.
Certamente os resultados foram muito bons...considerando tudo o que vc faz e que vih aqui em seu blog. Parabens, e obrigado por me deixar fascinado com seus trabalhos.

Amy hat gesagt…

WOW, you are really good at making your own..they are rock!!

鯛魚燒Star hat gesagt…

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