Sonntag, 1. April 2007


The challenge from inspiremethursday this week is Secrets. The secrets in your art work.

My art work, watercolors or paintings, always have many layers. Normally, the paintings begann with a certain color and the end result is completely different from the original work.

This work, for instance, beganns with a blue underpainting, then I put over a layer of acrylic gesso, over that I scrap words, like "pain" and other words, thain I applied more paint layers. At last I spraied over it like a graffiti. You can not see the words, they are hidden on the layers of paint. But they are there. Some of my works have 10 or more layers of thinny paint coats.


Crafty Green Poet hat gesagt…

This is beautiful, the colours are amazing! I like the idea of the hidden words...

Gillian Hamilton hat gesagt…

wonderful piece Gaby... love that you incorporate the words into the layers..