Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

Flea market found - Free use

My husband had the surgery but he is not going well. I am very afraid he can not survive this, but I pray to God every day.

The picture are for free use. The stair background is from Cemerony, I think you know her (you cn find her adress at Tumblefishstudio).

Thumblefishstudio (see link bellow, on my link list) was talking about softwares you can use to make digital collages, or to use the digital collage sheets you have.

She mentioned Gimp, a free software from Linux (Google). It has the same tools than PS and it is free!!! I am learning to work with this software and if someone want it, I can post what I am finding out.

The picture with the background I made with Gimp.


Xela hat gesagt…

Ohjee ich drück euch die Daumen Gaby

Gimp ist ein tolles Programm und wenn man sich erst mal damit auskennt, kann man fast alles damit machen.

liebe Grüße Alexandra

chrisw hat gesagt…

thanks for the tip about gimp,beautiful atc

LyinChennai hat gesagt…

Querida Gaby, tentei ligar para voce antes de ontem mas ninguem atendeu. Esta td bem? Beijos e saudades,

Terri Kahrs hat gesagt…

Gaby, I will continue to say many prayers for your husband and for you. Thank you for this sweet little boy! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Rhonda hat gesagt…

Dear Gaby - my wishes are for you and your husband to be home soon. You have both been going through so much and it is not easy trying to do this alone.
It is so good that you have your art - even without supplies you are managing to create!
Thank you for all of the images and inspiration you generously share.
Take care. Your friend in blogland - Rhonda

Diane hat gesagt…

Oh Gaby, I hate hearing that your hubby isn't doing well. I am keeping positive thoughts for both of you & sending you both great big hugs! Keep your chin up.
Much love, Diane
P.S. Would love to hear more about Gimp.

Jann hat gesagt…

Thank you for the photo and the information about Gimp. I am so sorry about your husband--I will pray for him and hope he will recover soon.

Lotus hat gesagt…

I"m sorry to hear about your husband! I will pray for him and you too!
Thank you for being so generous, even through this hard time. Hang in there!

Martina2801 hat gesagt…

Das sind ja keine guten Nachrichten.....
Ach, Gaby, ich wünsche Dir und vor Allem Deinem Mann alles alles Liebe und Gute. Kopf hoch - es wird schon alles gut werden.

Danke für das Freebie!


Dorthe hat gesagt…

Dear Gaby,
I feel sad for your husbond and you, and hope he will be better.
I am a freekvent visitor, and am thankfull for all those wonderfull freebies you are giving away- thankyou- and blessings.

CindyB hat gesagt…

Gaby hang in there. There are many many artists out here in blog land that are keeping you and your husband in their thoughts. Thank you kindly for all the images you so generously share. I would love to see more posts about your experience with Gimp.

Terri hat gesagt…

My heart is saddened by the news that currently your husband is not doing well after the surgery.

Thanks for the treats.

I prayer that you both get all the strength you need to come through this...

sixfrites hat gesagt…

Gaby, alles Gute für Deinen Mann, ich habe es eben erst gelesen. Ich drücke die Daumen!!