Mittwoch, 15. April 2009


I am very lucky to know so many great blogging friends....I just received this Breeze award from Diane, that was created by Peter Breese @
In his very own words: The coveted Breese Award is given to six inspirational individuals; since most blog awards cater to odd numbers, this particular award was designed for the more even keeled folk. These six should be a collection of bloggers that have helped you, either directly or indirectly, to stay creative.

I pass this award to the following people who have inspired me. Thanks to each & every one of you.

There are so many people that inspires me on the blog world.
Hard to say! Here are some very inspirational people:


Femmy hat gesagt…

Thanks so much Gabi, I am very honored with it!!!

Rein hat gesagt…

Vielen Dank Gaby!

Sandra hat gesagt…

muah, womit habe ich diese ehre verdient? ich weiß den award zu schätzen (und danke meiner mama, meinem manager und meiner plattenfirma :) ...). vielen DANK du gute!!!!!!

Lynn hat gesagt…

Thank you so much Gaby, I am honored to recieve this award and will post about it this weekend on my blog :)