Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2007

FFTwisted Tuesdays - For Heather

Happy Birthday to Heather!

I'm too tired today to make a new card (I've tryed it, but it doesn't works), so I'm using a collage I made some time ago. It's a Sagitarius.

I wish all best things for Heather.

And for my husband too, he had his birthday yesterday.


Fluffy Fatbottom hat gesagt…

Oh wow!! I love this!! I am also a Sagittarius!

Heather Robinson hat gesagt…

This is wonderful and I am so touched that you posted it in my honour. Thank you Gaby! Please wish your husband a happy birthday!

Mauricio hat gesagt…

Oi Gaby,

Vim pra te deixar um beijo e força com sua mãe, é uma situação desgastante. Seja forte.

Carinho e solidariedade....