Sonntag, 5. August 2007

Primeira comunhão - assemblage

At the moment I'm working with religious elements. I'm not so religious, but the signs of the catholic religion are such wonderful, that I must work with them.

This piece is about the "primeira comunhão" (first communion?), when the kids must learn the catecism and on a special sunday they confirm the religion after the baptism. Until the sixties (?), here in Brazil and other latin american countries, kids must wear a special dress for this event. The girls weared a wedding dress, with a veil. Others use wings like little angels. The boys only a black suit. All have candles in their hands and after the religious ceremony all of them go to the photographer to take a picture of this important moment.

Today all of this has changed. There are no white dress, and no photographer, only a confuse and "modern" mass, where all sing "modern" religious songs and a priest reads automatically words that nobody hears.


Mary-Beth hat gesagt…

Love this!

Anonym hat gesagt…

This is such a beautiful and moving piece of artwork. The addition of the candles really personifies the whole theme and were a wonderful addition to the final theme.