Mittwoch, 4. Juli 2007

I've been tagged from Enidan

Enidan ( have tagged me. I've never been tagged before.

Now I must tell 7 facts about me. Then I have to tagg other 7 peoples. And this people have to tagg others 7 and so.

Here are 7 facts about me:

1) I'm currently on a creativity depression. Nothing works good enough.

2) I love cats but I don't have one.

3) I murdered a bird that I had. It was a calopsyta and I gave it avocado to eat. On the next day it was death. I was sad for a month or more.

4) I love Law and Order Special Victims Unit. I watch it every night before sleep.

5) This I think only brazilians will understand. I LOVE CAUBY PEIXOTO! Cauby Peixoto is an old brazilian singer, who has a gorgeous voice but people say he is dated and kitsch.

6) I love kitsch things.

7) I really don't know if I am an artist or a collector. I collect things to make art, but I love the things I collect and I don't can make art with this things.

So! Here are the 7 facts about me.
Now I will tag


Crafty Green Poet hat gesagt…

Thanks for thinking of me Gaby, but I've been tagged with similar things a lot recently! So I'm going to say no! Sorry!

Gillian Hamilton hat gesagt…

Hi Gaby, oh you are DEFINATELY AN ARTIST my dear :O)
wow you have been so busy making beautiful ART since my last visit
thanks for the tag my dear, I've done this one, but will still do it, only i'm going to alter it a little (hope that's ok, or I would run out of things to say..)