Sonntag, 15. Juli 2007

Digital collage

Ich bin in letzter Zeit absolut nicht zufrieden mit meinen Arbeiten. Sie sind irgendwie blöd und es fehlt meiner Meinung nach etwas. Muss aber trotzdem irgendwas machen.

I'm really unhappy with my works. I think they are a little boring and they doesn't work very well. But I must work.

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Oh dear Gaby!! Please don't think that your work is ever boring or doesn't work!! You are so talented and the work you do is absolutely stunning and truly takes my breath away!! The colors you choose, the wide array of mediums that you use---found objects, leather, digital, acrylic, fabric, paints, stamps...threads..I could go on and on!!! :) And you teach and share so much..not only by photographing your work and posting it on your blog for the world to enjoy, but also by teaching different techniques (like the photo on the leather--I can't wait to try that!!) and you are so inspiring with your works (I love your Klimt fabric collage..I would love to see after you embroidered on it like Klimt used to add different embellishments to his work! He is one of my favorite artists!) and then you teach us so much (like the brilliant artist that had to be put in the hospital his whole life, but created the beautiful found object assembly) and your work has feeling and thought (like when you asked for prayer when the poor mother lost her sweet 15 year old boy--yes, I prayed for her and still am). Please don't sell yourself short!! And know that you are very VERY gifted and creative and appreciated for what you do! Thank you so much for sharing! You are very inspiring! Right now, I don't have time to do as much art as I'd like. I take care of my 15 year old daughter who is disabled. She is healing and we work on art together as much as we can. Hopefully one day I will be able to take pictures of the things we work on and put them on my blog like you do. When I am so exhausted from a long day and cannot work on my art, I read art blogs (along with my Bible) at night to relax and refill and refuel for the next day. You are part of that inspiration and refueling! Thank you so much!!!