Samstag, 23. Juni 2007

New work - Collage

The inspiration for this work was Belinda Schneider and Lynne Perrella. Both works with acrylic and stamps. I was visiting the page from Belinda and she has a wonderful tutorial showing how to make the lovely backgrounds she does for her work. Lynne Perrella uses also a lot of acrylic in her work.

Then I do a mix of both artist. From Lynne the typographic elements and from Belinda the work with stamps and acrylic. I stamped with stamp ink because I'm not sure I can clean this sticky paint from the stamps.

Another reason to make this was that I've bought a lot of tags (about 50) at a very good price.

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Judy hat gesagt…

Wow Gabi, the collage is just gorgeous - so cheerful. You have done a wonderful job. Hope you are well.