Montag, 28. Mai 2007

Inspiremethursday - Copycat

set the challenge to do a art work with any kind of copy. You must copy art.
I decided to do it with a photo. First the photo was copied. In one of the pics I transfered the image in a common way to a sheet of paper. On the other I made a monotypie with collage.
And on the other I cut out the figure of the woman and use it on the monotypie.
If you don't know was a monotypie is, I'll post it later.
Over all I stencilled a motiv.


Crafty Green Poet hat gesagt…

I like the different types of copy you've used here.

Fifi LePew hat gesagt…

Great use of copies. I like how you've sketched in the people on the left one.

megan hat gesagt…'s eye-catching the way it's the same, but it's image, various treatments.

Leah hat gesagt…

these are great! i love the way the stencil looks over all of the images.