Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2007

Digital Collage -

I made this collage, but I'm not very happy with the composition.

And I'll pass the challenge from Wednesdaystamper this week, because I don't know what can I do with the theme Fleur de Lis. It must be something from the middle age. Maybe I have a good idea tomorrow.

I'm working on two assemblages. One of this assemblages is about silk. I brought three silk worms from Parana. The little things were encapsulated and I thought they were dead. But no! They are alive and know I have three silk butterflies in my house, which have not to eat! They eat only mulberry leafes and I don't have this! The park here from São Bernardo doesn't have this tree too. And the 3 little things are dying and now I can not finish the assemblage!

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