Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2007

DCM - Beautiful

The Team of Daring Card Makers (Kathy) posted a challenge named "beautiful". Here is my contribution.

In my neighbourdhood is a little store, which sells wood stuff for decoupage. And there I found some clear stamps. They were very cheap and I bought it. When I went home I discovered it was from China . I hate to buy China things, because they have no quality and they copy things from others. But,OK, what ever!The mistake was done.

Then I used this stamp and the wonderful Michelle's stamp.

The girl is beautiful, isn't she?


Gillian Hamilton hat gesagt…

Gaby the girl is indeed BEAUTIFUL... and so too is your WONDERFUL card!... love all the elements you've used here to create this Gorgeous card!

the very Beautiful Kathy picked this theme Gaby, :O)

Wendy - Anntaurus hat gesagt…

Oh Gaby this is a stunning piece of work!

Mel Goodsell hat gesagt…

yes, I agree, the girl is very beautiful and I really love your card, it's gorgeous,

R2artstudio hat gesagt…

You have done some really beautiful collages. This one is my favorite. And thank you for stopping by to see mine.

xela hat gesagt…

Das sieht so genial aus. TOLL !!