Freitag, 18. Mai 2007

Daring Card Makers

DCM dares us this week to make a card withour any commercial stuff. I decided not to make a card, but to make the own stenciled paper.

All you must have are some commercial stencils, a tool like that on the photo and colored paper. It must be a paper with 120/180 gr. A little heavy, because we will put many layers of color of this paper.

TOOL: make this tool with a wood stick and some foam on the end (see picture).

I used fabric paint, because acrylic paints dry to fast and sticks on the stencil and on the foam and this is hard to work.

Lay the first stencil over the paper, wet the foam slightly in the paint and slam (!) smoothly with the foam over the stencil.
It's not necessary the film to be homogeneous.

Allow the first paint dry and put a second stencil over the first and do the same.

Make this until you have the desired surface.

You can use different designs of stencils or the same design .

Good luck!


iralamija hat gesagt…

so cute!

Bety :)

Kathy hat gesagt…

You are sooooo clever, the paper looks great. Now I want to know what you're making with it though!

Maggie Ann hat gesagt…

How fascinating! I'd love to try this if I have time. Your stencils are extra special and the results are beautiful.

Paula hat gesagt…

Very clever idea & so pretty.

Gillian Hamilton hat gesagt…

Oh Gaby... your paper is ART in it's self.. I just love the depth you've achieved in each one.. wonderful tutorial thankyou!

Wendy - Anntaurus hat gesagt…

Very original - love the papers you have used.

Angelnorth hat gesagt…

These look great Gaby - I especially like the one that looks like autumn leaves. I sometimes make backgrounds by using the same stamp all over the paper but I must see if I can find some stencils and have a go with those.

manicstamper hat gesagt…