Mittwoch, 11. April 2007

Pop?Abstract Expressionism? Dada?

This collage was made only with found paper. It can be abstract or pop. Or may be it was inspired by Kurt Schwitters.


Gillian Hamilton hat gesagt…

I think this is the beauty of ART, ones man trash is anothers Inspiration!... Perfectly Placed Pieces Gaby :o)

Angelnorth hat gesagt…

This is great Gaby - really vivid and eye-catching.

Rainowgirl hat gesagt…

What a brilliant use of discarded bits and pieces. They work really well together. Well done Gaby.

PS Can I have the Ferrero Rocher? :-)


Frog hat gesagt…

Very nice Gaby , i wish i had thought of something like that.

Andrea xx

BondGirl hat gesagt…

Great card, really well designed and love the discarded bits