Donnerstag, 15. März 2007

Gillian Hamilton

I have made this card for Gillian's DCM. It is not a card in the Scrapbooking Style, but I thing it is interesting. I called it "The utopic of living together" (A utopia do convívio).

Today I want to do one in a scrapbooking style.


Gillian Hamilton hat gesagt…

Dear Gaby, just so you know, I am only part of a wonderful team of lovely ladies... the team is from UK, NZ & Aust. Together we are called the "Daring Card Makers" :)
Oh I just love you card.... I made me giggle... Beautiful ART!!! as always... "You mind is a wonderful Place" :O)

Jo hat gesagt…

Wunderschön, gefällt mir sehr!

Kathy hat gesagt…

Thank you for joining in Gaby - your card really makes a statement!

I've enjoyed looking at your work, your art is very special and very clever.

Lythan hat gesagt…

25th march is the celebration of 200 years since slavery was abolished - but we are aware it still exists. To me your card speaks about this celebration. It is a most unusual piece of work. Thank you for sharing it.