Dienstag, 20. März 2007

Celebrating the feminine

The challenge from inspiremethursday is about the feminine.

Two yeas ago I made three works for an Award here in São Bernardo. It was about womens pain. I looked at old pictures from women and I could see there some strange sadness and suffering and I began to think why all there had this sad eyes, this faces without a smile.

Womens dont have a good life in the most parts of the world. In Afrika, South Amerika, India and other poor countries the life of womens are plenty of suffering. Suffering and blood. The birth is blood, the periode is blood, the whole women is blood. Blood is life, but it is dead too.

There is a lot of pain and I based my work on this thoughts.
Of course is Louise Bourgeois my favorite woman artist. And Nazaré Pacheco too. She is a brazilian artist abouth whom I want to post something this days.
I mean that we, sometimes, must think about that womans in this big world. That womans who has no chance to have a good life.


Crafty Green Poet hat gesagt…

These are very thought provoking, and your words too.

Gillian Hamilton hat gesagt…

You always make me stop and think!.. and that can only be good. this is a very important & intense topic Gaby, and well deserving of ART to make people reflect on it!