Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2007

Challenge from inspiremethursday

This week inspiremethursday has de challenge abandon. It is about an unfinished artwork. I begann to look for unfinished works, and I found a lot. I have two altered books to finish and a lot of collage work.

At the time I made this books, some title has inpired me to make other altered books. I'll put the titles here and I hope I' not forget it again:
O coração do caçador solitário
O oráculo
Procuro por uma casa no mundo
Onde as sombras brancas não caem
Mandala book
Musikalische Physiognomik
Experimentum Mundi
5 Wishes
7 Pecados
Codex Spiritus
Becaminh visible
Map to find the yestarday
Alphabet Book

Wenn Frauen schweigen
Die unheimlischen Wünsche
Son vrai visage
Gambling with souls

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