Montag, 19. Februar 2007

Cashew Island - Ilha do Caju

Ilha do Caju is one of the most beautiful places in Brazill. I was there many years ago, but I could never forget it.

The Island is located in the Parnaiba River Delta, and it can be acessed only by boat from Parnaíba (Piauí), which is a State at the Nord of Brazil.

It is a true ecological sanctuary, where rare animals and some in extinction, such as scarlet ibis, alligators, toucans, deers, foxes, woodpeckers and many other, live in perfect harmony with nature and man.

The life is very primitive there, but the Hotel is pretty and cute. The bedding smells English Lavender and they have a very good chef there.


DymphieM hat gesagt…

Wonderful pictures! You live in a beautiful country. Thanks for posting in English, my Portugees is zero ;o)) Thank you for your kind comment at my blog.

lyfernandes hat gesagt…

Ah Gaby, so wunderschöne Bilder !! LG Ly